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ITRAX XRF Core Scanner


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Some useful Itrax Corescanner features:

·  Itrax is a XRF scanner for split sediment cores, drill cores and other flat samples
·  Itrax offers XRF multi-element analysis of all elements from Al to U in one analysis
·  The XRF can determine elements down to the PPM level for most m etals
·  It is often enough with 1 second measuring time per point for satisfactory data quality
·  The included digital radiography adds another dimension to the data interpretation
·  The scanning, digital RGB line camera provides excellent sample images
·  Itrax can scan one meter of core in two minutes with XRF goo d data quality
·  Scans are performed with any step size from centimeter down to 0.1 millimeter
·  Itrax features the same excellent XRF performance regardless of scan resolution
·  The XRF analyzes are performed non-destructively and without sa mple contact

Radiographic information is a good complement to XRF
       Radiographic images can help in verifying whether an XRF peak is to be interpreted as a e.g. a grain or a layer. The x-ray images show distribution of structures based on density and/or chemical variation that often is invisible to the
eye and optical camera.


       The integration of radiography and XRF into a single instrument guarantees that radiographic data match the positioning of XRF. This matching is often critical, for instance to reveal migration of elements in relation to sedimentary layers. Combined XRF and radiographic data is exemplified in the image in the center of this page (Ca concentration profile overlaid on a magnified radiographic image of a lake sediment section).



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