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Good News! M6 JETSTREAM Settled at Hong Kong Musem of History

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       Last week,Bruker Senior Micro-XRF Scientist Dr.Roald Tagle and Boyue Instruments complete the installation and training at Hong Kong Musem of History. Dr.Roald gave the customers comprehensive training according the apllication and received high praise.

       The M6 JETSTREAM is Bruker's large area spectrometer for the non-destructive in-situ analysis of large objects. Featuring state of the art technology it allows to scan large samples in a short time. A powerful analytical software package provides the user with a range of tools for getting the most out of every measurement.The mobility of the instrument allows it to be placed at the site of the object of interest, be it in a gallery, museum or on the shop floor. The performance parameters enable scanning areas of 800 mm x 600 mm with a variable spot size down to 100 μm and speeds of up to 100 mm/s. As the system is capable of measurement "on-the-fly" this results in a pixel dwell time of as short as 1 ms.


(On-site installation training)

(Sample measurement)




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