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    Boyue Instruments as a well-known instrument supplier in China ,is established in 2004.We always make efforts in two respects: on the one hand, we have shaped a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with different famous brand instruments manufactures all over the world; on the other, we are concentrating on optimizing our internal management and service. All products we provided are Hi-Tech industry instruments which are used by universities, research institutions, testing organization and government. Products include high precision analytical instruments, detection instruments, production equipment and related consumables and accessories. And all those are wildly applied in life science,manufacture, semiconductor, solar energy, medical, biology, electronics and petro & oil industry.

     High-quality products, professional sales & Tech team are our advantages. We also have won wide recognition and earned customers’ trust by our integrated service: we custom-tailor comprehensive & best solution and provide continuous and good after-sales service.

     The headquarter of Boyue Instruments is located in Shanghai, and 7 offices is distributed in Beijing, Guangzhou & Chengdu, ect. We built a sound national wide selling & service circle to provide our customers the latest products, cutting-edge technologies and the quick & efficient service.







    地址:Room 301, 28 Songjiang Hi-tech park, 518 Xinzhuan Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

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